Adobe Flash Player for Windows

Adobe Flash Player is available for many platforms, including Windows PCs. You will often need Adobe Flash Player on websites that host video or game content, and for such multimedia content, it is essential to install a plug-in or software. On this page, you can download the latest working version of such software suitable for your Windows computer.

After installing the Adobe Flash Player plug-in, your browsers that support it will be able to play Flash animations, and you will be able to play Flash games and use Flash applications. Some player settings are available in the menu after right-clicking on flash content.

Adobe Flash Player menu
Adobe Flash Player menu

Today, most popular browsers have deprecated support for the Flash plugin, so you should use older versions of browsers to install the plugin and play Flash content. Fewer-known browsers still offer Flash support, including Opera, Puffin, FlashFox, Dolphin, and Kiwi.

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Updated:December 9, 2020
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Available languages:English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian…


Below are the links to download Adobe Flash Player for Windows for free. In addition to the latest version, there may be links to download previous versions. Choose the distribution you need and download it. All links are direct and checked for malicious inclusions.

The latest version of the flash player contains a so-called “time bomb” that disables flash as of January 12, 2021. Therefore, we recommend you download the player’s previous version ( To download it, click on the spoiler “Previous versions”. During installation, check the “Never check for updates” checkbox.


Download the installation file for the browser you need. Run the installation, accept the license agreement, and configure the product update options.

You can also download flash player for Android devices.

Adobe Flash Player
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